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After the death of her fiancé, a renowned doctor, Felicity received a letter written by him telling of his appalling experiments. Using his scientific knowledge, he managed to create a potion that allowed him to shift forms so that he could indulge in his baser instincts without endangering his reputation. In his altered appearance all his negative sentiments and passions took hold while in his original state he exhibited only the nobler traits that Felicity had admired and loved.

Stricken by the knowledge that her future husband had such a dark side, Felicity mourned the loss of her naïveté – her belief in the perfect gentleman. A week later another letter arrived. This one told her that her betrothed had gone so far as to make a similar tonic for her – so that she could share in his wild excesses without guilt. Aghast to discover what his last prescription for her was, Felicity emptied the remains down the drain but she had already consumed over half the contents. What effect would it have on her?

Flinging the empty bottle across the room, Felicity exclaimed, “Curse you, Henry Jekyll!”

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Penny Dreadful

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Through the Lens

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