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Four centuries ago the Khazars invaded and conquered Aspasia's homeland. Her people became subjects of the Khazar Empire, but not citizens. Though not slaves, the Eoganacht are required to perform menial labor and are educted only so far as necessary to serve their conquerors. The oppression sits heavily on their shoulders with each new generation losing more of their identity.

Aspasia's parents accept their place in the Khazar order but a fire simmers in their daughter's heart. Her grandmother taught her many of the old ways that have all but disappeared - though it was a crime to even speak of them. Her brother, Mithradates, yearns to launch a rebellion and has gathered many friends and comrades about him. With each month the number grows but they require more than just numbers and weapons.

Now a grown woman, Aspasia has caught the eye of the governor. Like many a Khazar, he is glad to have a beautiful young Eoganacht to warm his bed on chilly winter evening. Mithradates has suggested that Aspasia accept his advances to gather vital information for the resistance but she would rather fight alongside her brother. Certainly she does not want a Khazar for a lover

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Well written and interesting
Aug 08, 2016 11:13 am

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