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Full Name: Layla Michelle Spedro

Professional Name: Madam Spedro

Age: 60

Birthdate: January 31, 2340

Birthplace: Madam Spedro's, Pleasurana, Vega III

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair Color: Chestnut brown

Build/Body type: Tall, slim

Height: 5' 9"

Weight: 150


Husband: No
Son: Jeth Spedro
Daughters: none


Layla Michelle was born in a mid-level brothel called Madam Spedro's in Pleasurana on Vega III. She was raised until the age of seven by her mother, who seemed to live in constant terror of some unknown source.

She was raised from the age of seven to twenty-two by her mother's patroness, Madam Spedro herself, and became her foster-daughter and right hand in the business. A very intelligent child, she grew into an equally intelligent and beautiful young woman with a keen business sense and the mental/emotional/psychological strength to run such an establishment.

She became pregnant in late 2361 and gave birth to her son, whom she named Jeth Spedro, on July 10, 2362. She has never divulged the identity of her son's father, even to him.

In November 2362 she took over Madam Spedro's when Madam Spedro was murdered. She took the name Madam Spedro for professional purposes, in order to give the brothel an uninterrupted sense of continuity. In the thirty-eight years she's managed it, she's made it the most powerful and sought-after brothel on Vega III.

Layla is her own person. She has met the world on its terms and mastered it. She runs her business with a firm hand. While she is not a criminal, she knows how her profession is regarded, and has weathered many attempts to drive her out of business.

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