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Born Angelica Mercer in Donaldsonville, Ascension Parish Louisiana she is of French Creole (European ancestry) and has ties back to the original owners of "The Houmas" Plantation that was established back in 1774 and has since been renamed to the Burnside Plantation. She is distinctly proud of her ancestry which goes back to the colonial French La Louisiane long before the Louisiana Purchase in 1803.

Many have commented about her appearance being very simliar to an ancestor, Angélique Mercier, the daughter of Alexandre Latil and an unknown woman. To these things Angelica simply smiles, states that her family has very strong blood lines and leaves it at that.

In the 1900s the family moved to Beaumont, Texas and started the Mercer Shipping Company. The head of the family at the time, Angela Mercer, purchased shares in the Magnolia Petroleum Company and the family quickly worked their way up the local socialite ladder. Having a head for business and realizing the importance of oil, the family soon purchased shares in Gulf Oil and the Texas Oil Company. Later in 1917 they purchased shares in Bethlehem Steel.

Since this time the family has continued to prosper, having a knack for picking up on new financially sound trends, and have lucked out many times by selling out their shares before a major crash in the industry. The Mercer family continues to excel in the stock-market.

Angelica Mercer, Angel to her friends, has been blessed with the same business head of those that came before her and has started several not-for-profits for the disadvantage. She works with area shelters and the low income, providing the financial background for medical expenses. She supports several shelters for the homeless and provides grants to small community emergency services. All of this is done while keeping a fairly low profile.

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