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I was born in Year 6 of the joint reign of Maatkare Hatshepsut and Menkheperre Thutmose in the city of Waset, now called Luxor. An orphan raised in the household of my uncle Hapuseneb, First Prophet (High Priest) of Amon, I was trained as a Chantress of Amon from a young age, and have loved music ever since. At age 17, I married Ptahmose, Mayor of Men-nefer (Memphis), and moved to Kemet's ancient capital. Although the endless green of the Delta was wonderful - as were the awe inspiring Pyramids - I missed the glorious colors of sunrise on the western cliffs where my ancestors were buried. To our sorrow, Ptahmose and I were never graced with even the hint of a child.

When I was 23, a duck hunting outing in the marshes of the Delta changed my life forever. I fell out of my small skiff, becoming entangled in the thick vegetation, and drowned. Swept downriver, I awoke not to the blessed Fields of Osiris, but amid the reeds of this world to a tall woman with the red tresses of Seth and eyes the color of malachite. Her name was Korannis, and she helped me understand what had happened - that I was Immortal. She taught me how to use a sword, and the risks that came with the gift.

She was a good teacher - I've kept my head for over 3,400 years.

Born and raised in a country where life has always depended on its great river, I prefer to live alongside a river or on the coast. Surrounded by incense and gardens, I love perfumes. This inspired an interest in the myriad uses of plants. Over the centuries, I have copied and recopied my Herbals and recipes - from papyrus to parchment to paper, and now to digital - as the ink faded or the material decayed. They now fill multiple volumes in various languages and alphabets. I have often been an herbalist or apothecary as well as a merchant in spices - numerous times forced to pose as an agent for a fictional male relative.

Currently, I go by the name Nura Elian, and live in the beautiful city of Florence, Italy. I own a company called Oasis Personal Indulgences which makes perfumes and lotions inspired by famous and historical places, using all-natural ingredients. We also produce mineral based cosmetics, and silks dyed with traditional dyes.

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