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Leilani was a pleasure girl, just one of many in the trading port of Tarakia until Nethrin seized power from his brother and declared him a traitor.

She is the daughter of Ennan Tain, once an advisor to King Hunas until, at the age of eleven, she predicted his death, and, as such a declaration was seen as treason, the family were banished. Looked upon as different and unnatural, her parents kept her at arms length, warning her against using her natural gift to predict the future yet scared at what she might reveal. She fled their restrictive household as soon as she could and vanished into the slums to make her own way.

Worried by the visions that came more regularly, Leilani had made a visit to Halvane whilst the celebration of Spring was in full swing with the aim of returning a gift Jezzick had given her long ago. She had learned much over the years and become enamoured with sorcery and magic, practising only good and helping many, but none knew her true identity or her real name. She had used her power to have him accept the ring and always wear it although he would find he would never recall who gave him it or why he prized it so much. Her dreams had told her it would save his life.

Now it seems her prediction has come true.

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Feb 06, 2018 09:57 pm
Intriguing and well written
Mar 12, 2017 10:41 pm

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