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My big brother was the Air Force Pilot. The national hero. The guy that killed an entire neighborhood when he lost control of his plane. Three years in a coma later, she pulled his plug. I scattered his ashes in the bay. He always told me to be sure I got Coast Guard permission first. I always said: Whadd're they gonna do? Make me go back and sweep you up? Better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

We always laughed like lunatics about that.

Me, I'm a mechanic. Old school knuckle-busting, shade tree mechanic, a California transplant in New Orleans.

And then I met a girl. At a bar. And I was very, very drunk. Her name is Gillian.

Funny how the right... or wrong... girl has a way of turning your life upside down and sending you into orbit, isn't it?

For more, feel free to read: Come Fly with Me - a Slipstream Story

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A fun read! Looking forward to more!
Feb 06, 2017 08:19 pm
Well written and interesting
Sep 21, 2016 01:36 pm
OMG She's going to give him a heart attack! LOL
Sep 20, 2016 11:36 pm
Well written and interesting
Sep 04, 2016 08:44 am
He had it coming...
Sep 04, 2016 02:10 am

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