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Em hotep! I am called Iryhemu-en-Inpw, He who steers the Barque of the Jackal.
Djedet, the grandest city in all of Kemet, is my home. We trade with the other peoples living around the Great Green Sea. Our perfumes and incense are world-famous.
Our city netjeru are Ba-neb-Djedet, the Great Ram, who encompasses Ra, Shu, Geb, and Osiris. His consort is Hatmehyt, Foremost of the Fishes. The Greeks call her 'Isis'.
I serve as a Hekau, providing magical services for the rich and the boatless. My specialty is investigating and correcting imbalances between this world and the Unseen.

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Tjeti Sobkneferu
Fanny Fae
Nesnut Hatshepsut
Wyatt Earp

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