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My name is Gunther Vinblud. Son of Athar the Mighty. Son of Ragus Bezerker. I come from a long line of adventurers. We are the Vorhaa, almost the last of our kind in all the lands. Once we were a prospering race but since the Yanic have come, our numbers are no longer as strong. We must seek out other clans and help them when we can. That is my job. To protect our people from the Yanic.

The Yanic are vile creatures spat up from the deep. Some claim they have come from the bowels of Kavis, summoned by one with powerful magic. I say they are no more then the basest of man with no conscious and no honor. Many die at the end of my sword, many more will join them.

Despite my thirty-five years, I have no mate and no off-spring. Many offer themselves, many are tasted but none have stirred my essence. Some have breeched my heart but if they can not lift my essences, then they can no share my bed for life. That is until I met himů

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Shadows & Smoke

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