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It is said that it takes all kinds to make the world go around. This is especially true in my world. One needs to know where to get things; things the average human wouldn't have a clue what to do with or would likely puke at just the thought of dealing with. I suppose that it why I find myself standing in the local morgue under its flickering lights and waiting for my contact. I needed a couple of things that would be very difficult to get elsewhere. Oh, and did I mention it's illegal to have any of these items in your possession? Let me clarify. I am a necromancer. I raise the dead for a living. Sometimes it is by court order and sometimes, ok more often than not, it's under-the-table work. I have a license to carry blood for my work but it must be animal blood or the animal itself. So you have likely guessed that what I am doing here is getting items for my less than legal work and it calls for human blood.

"I hope I didn't keep you waiting long." Brian had bumped through the swinging doors with a mask loosely lying on his chest. His scrubs were clean but the clear apron over them was splattered with body fluids.

"Not long." I assured him.

"What can I get for you tonight, Sixpence?" Brian was leaning against an autopsy table with a body opened up on the slab. "Your usual order?"

"Yeah but I also need fresh tongue; two in fact." Brian did not even blink. He rounded up the blood I needed and then opened one of the drawers in the wall. After prying open the dead woman's mouth, he clipped the tongue and pulled it out while carefully cutting it free. The tongue was quite long and would suffice for my needs tonight. After choosing another drawer he did the same to that corpse than wrapped up my items and gave them to me.

Brian held out his hand, expecting his payment.

I can remember back before my gift had manifested itself. I was blissfully unaware of the world beneath my existence. I had no clue about necromancers or witches, vampires or other forms of the undead. I was as blind as the average human. That is until my gift woke up and my Granny took me in to teach me how to control it. There was certainly something very disturbing for my mother when she'd come to my room and find me fast asleep among our dead pets. Seems there was a history my father had failed to warn her about. As my eyes were open to this world, I found I enjoyed it very much. After all, where could I purchase blood and tongues, not with cash, but with grave leeches?

I extracted a baggie of them from pocket and pressed them into the morgue tech's hand. There were at least thirty of the fat blood suckers in there and they were agitated.

"Oh they are fresh." He purred happily.

"They should be. I got them just before dawn." Brian's eyes glowed hungrily.

"That's the best time to get them." He looked at me with a softer gaze. "Thanks, Sixpence. You always treat me right."

"I'll see you real soon, Brian. Enjoy your snack."

My car was waiting just outside the back entrance. After depositing my items in the trunk, I slid into the passenger seat and reached for the seatbelt. Behind the wheel was Esmeralda Scott, eighth generation witch and my personal assistant. Es and I had been together since; well let's just say a very long time.

"Did everything go smoothly?" She wanted to know while moving the car into the empty street.

"Yeah. Brian was very happy with his payment." There was a little grin on my face.

"Those were the best of the batch we pulled up." Es replied. "We're running late." She noted.

"Best step on it then."

A few days ago I had been approached by a Mr. Nicholas Pace Esq.. He was the attorney to a family based in Europe. They were seeking a resurrection of a very old relative for whatever reason. Since they had contacted me, I could only assume the courts had denied their petition for this revival. It's no wonder really. The person they wanted brought up was over one hundred and fifty years dead. Not only did I need a tongue for them to speak with but I would need human blood to raise them. Animal blood wasn't going to be strong enough. I hadn't wanted to take the job at first and had even turned Mr. Pace down. That is until Es had me read page two of the dossier. I saw what they were worth and instantly changed my mind; not to mention tripling my usual fee.

Arriving at the ancient cemetery, I found a long black limo waiting for us. Mr. Pace exited the limo and came over to speak to me. He wanted to know if everything was in order, to which I assured him it was. I had greased all the hands I needed to, to make this happen. Hopefully we would not have any issues tonight.

Es and I went about setting up the grave. Salt was laid thick in a circle around our slumbering corpse to keep him tied to his resting place. After that, it was all about the ritual. With Es leading Mr. Pace away, I set to doing my part. The ground was soaked with some of the blood I had brought with me tonight. Instantly I felt the call of my power as the life in that blood swam through me and ignited my soul. I called the corpse's name three times and then waited, having already sensed movement beneath my feet. Just as a skeletal figured breeched the soil, Mr. Pace escorted over a very old woman to the graveside; she had to be nearly a hundred years old herself!

Before they could ask their questions, I needed to make sure he could talk. I dipped one of the fresh tongues into blood then ordered the corpse to open his mouth. Binding the tongue to the old body wasn't difficult; not getting bit in the process was always tricky. This old fucker was a live one and tried to do just that.

"Your questions." I held my hand out. The corpse wasn't going to answer anyone but me. That was a perk of this gift.

I went through question by question, allowing enough time for Mr. Pace to jot down the details they would need to find some damn necklace the old woman wanted. When they were satisfied they had what they needed, they made ready to leave.

"Do we need to stay for this?" Mr. Pace wanted to know. He was referring to me replanting the corpse.

"No, I can lay him to rest peacefully without you."

Let me just say that what happened next was not a surprise to me. I have had this request before.

"And what if I don't want him to 'rest in peace'?" The old woman asked, having finally spoken to me directly.

"I can arrange for that too; for a price."

She leveled her icy-blue gaze on me, measuring me against whatever notion she thought I should be judged by. I was not found lacking because she smiled and replied, "I don't care what it costs, Mr. Sixpence. That old bastard deserves no peace." I nodded and waited for them to leave.

"You ready?" I asked Es as soon as the limo was out of sight. She clicked record on a digital recorder and nodded. "Alright old man, tell me all your secrets."

As it turned out this old geezer had quite a few secrets that were going to be very profitable for me. He droned on and on for more than two hours before finally falling silent. Es turned off the recorder and slipped it into her pocket, then set about cleaning up my gear. The night was still young enough I could do my one other task but first I needed to finish with this corpse. My client had wanted this fellow to not rest in peace but the thing is, if I am not using this corpse as an undead servant, then the only other state opened to it is death's slumber. There wasn't enough left of his body to make him a good servant; only the fresh dead were good for this. But then, my client didn't know that. I returned the old man to his death bed and went to join Es in the car.

"Do you want me to drop you off at the crypt?" Es asked when we were back on the road heading for home.


Home; home was a huge old decommissioned church that looked like a gothic cathedral. There was forty acres of property to house the livestock I used in my career and had an attached cemetery. When I had purchased the church from the archdiocese, I had then sunk a lot of money into making it more home-like. There was just something wicked about a necromancer calling a church home. But that's what it was to me and Es, and Ricky of course.

Es helped me with the rest of the blood and the last tongue before heading off to finish up our evening's business. I moved through the cemetery until I came to the crypt I was looking for. The door opened smoothly, revealing just how often it was used. Inside I checked everything over and then began the same ritual I had used early tonight. The crypt was filled with the sound of the stone lid sliding to the side and revealing a well preserved corpse. I dipped the remaining tongue in blood then forced it into the stubborn mouth.

"Ramy." I said, addressing the corpse.

"What do you want from me now, Dray?" He asked. Wordlessly I sat on the crypt and lay down on the slab with my arms behind my head.

"Just to talk."

"Are you ever going to let me rest?" Ramy wanted to know.

"Maybe." It was unlikely. I could hold a grudge a long time.

"How many times do I need to say I am sorry? It must have been a hundred times already."

"What can I say? You knew what kind of man I was before you cheated on me. You should have known this would happen." Even after all this time there was still anger in my voice where Ramy and his wandering ways were concerned.

"No one could have known you would do this!" He spat with more emotion. From the bottom of the coffin's resting place came a violent shudder and banging sounds. "Why do you insist on raising him along with me?" The 'he' in question would be the man with home my lover had had his dalliance with. When I had poisoned them both, I had laid them to rest right here; one atop the other. So when I raised Ramy, I raised the asshole as well.

"It amuses me to do so." And it did.

"Find someone new to love, Dray. I can no longer do this for you. Nor do I want to." Ramy informed me. That was the first time I had ever heard him say such words.

"If I need someone to fuck, Es is always up for a roll in the hay; but I am done with love Ramy. Until my heart is free of you, I will not love again." And that was the first time I hinted at just how long he was going to live this torment. He looked pained at the realization; and well he should be. Ramy and his lover had been in my control for sixty years already and I wasn't anywhere near ready to let this go.

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Outstandingly wicked! Well done!
May 22, 2017 01:34 am

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