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Odd Thomas is a fictional character created by Dean R Koontz. Odd, who found himself saddled with this name when the hospital caused a typo on his birth certificate, has a unique gift. He can see the spirits of the dead, at least those who have not moved on from this earthly plain. While living in the fictional town of Pico Mundo, California, Odd often found himself on the welcoming end of spirits who have sought out his help. Communicating with them usually proved difficult because while Odd can see the dead, they can not speak to him. They have no voice.

In the early books, Elvis was Odd's constant companion. It wasn't until the end of Brother Odd that the much beloved King finally found the courage to face his mother and pass over. Not surprisingly, Odd's companion was replaced by the spirit of Frank Sinatra.

Odd is a fry cook who has no more aspirations then to spend the rest of his life with his girl, Stormy Llewellyn. Those dreams were shattered when at the end of Odd Thomas, the one true light in Odd's life was snuffed out by several wayward bullets. Being who he is, Odd spent a handful of days with his girl before she passed over. Still, her passing changes the course of Odd's life.

Perhaps one of the most useful tools in Odd's arsenal is psychic magnetism. By concentrating on someone or something, Odd will usually find them. He'll just walk or drive aimlessly until he arrives at the place he needs to be. But as useful as this can be, it can also drop him into the laps of those he would rather avoid. Because forcing something out of your mind doesn't always work, Odd can sometimes find himself smack dab in the middle of what he was trying to avoid to begin with! In Forever Odd, Koontz wrote a chilling tale of just how wicked a twist of Odd's gift could actually be.

Along with the spirits of the dead, Odd can also see other kinds of supernatural entities. He calls them Bodachs. They are ink-black shaped with hardly more form then a shadow. If Odd should see a single Bodachs then it's usually a warning of impending violence. Should he see them in twos and threes, then the danger is more focused and immediate. But what is truly frightening is when he sees them by the hundreds. Bodachs feed off the suffering of mankind. The greater the suffering, the more Bodachs will be present.

Koontz has just published the fourth in the Odd Thomas story. The following are's Editorial Reviews of each book

  • Odd Thomas: Odd Thomas, who narrates, is odd indeed: only 20, he works contentedly as a fry cook in a small fictional California town, despite a talent for writing. The reason for his lack of ambition? A much rarer talent: Odd sees and converses with ghosts, the lingering dead who have yet to pass on, a secret he has kept from nearly everyone but his girlfriend, an eccentric author friend and the local police chief, whom he occasionally helps solve terrible crimes. Odd also has the ability to see bodachs, malevolent spirits that feast on pain and whose presence signifies a likelihood of imminent violence. The proximity of bodachs to a weird-looking stranger in town, whom Odd dubs "Fungus Man," alerts Odd that trouble is brewing; breaking into Fungus Man's house, Odd discovers not only hundreds of bodachs but a shrine to serial killers that helps him deduce that somehow Fungus Man will wreak widespread havoc very soon-so Odd is caught in a classic race against time to deter catastrophe. As with Koontz's best novels, this one features electrifying tension and suspense, plus a few walloping surprises. But Koontz fans know that the author has recently added humor to his arsenal of effects, and this thriller also stands out for its brilliant tightrope walk between the amusing and the macabre; one of the dead with whom Odd interacts frequently, for instance, is Elvis, still pining for his long-dead mother, Gladys. Above all, the story, like most great stories, runs on character-and here Koontz has created a hero whose honest, humble voice will resonate with many. In some recent books, Koontz has tended to overwrite, but not here: the narrative is as simple and clear as a newborn's gaze. This is Koontz working at his pinnacle, providing terrific entertainment that deals seriously with some of the deepest themes of human existence: the nature of evil, the grip of fate and the power of love.

  • Forever Odd: Besides having an unusual moniker, 21-year-old Odd Thomas (whom readers first met in Koontz's 2003 novel of the same name) has some very unusual powers, chief among them his ability to see the dead. He can see, feel and talk to them, too (though they don't talk back: "Perhaps they know things about death that the living are not permitted to learn from them"). These days Odd is still hosting the ghost of a morose Elvis Presley, still grieving for his dead girlfriend, Stormy, and still worrying about his very fat friend P. Oswald Boone, whose cat, Terrible Chester, likes to pee on his shoes. Late one night, Odd is summoned by the ghost of Dr. Wilbur Jessup to the Jessup home, the site of a gruesome murder. Dr. Jessup is the father of Odd's best friend, Danny, who is afflicted with osteogenesis imperfecta, also known as brittle bones. Odd finds Dr. Jessup's body, but Danny is missing. Since Odd has what he describes as "psychic magnetism," he can follow an invisible mental trail, which in this case leads him to his endangered friend. After he finds Danny in a spooky, burned-out Indian casino, it is Odd who becomes the quarry. The beautiful and stunningly evil Datura, aided by two frightening minions, wants to use Odd for his supernatural abilities�and then kill him. Odd's strange gifts, coupled with his intelligence and self-effacing humor, make him one of the most quietly authoritative characters in recent popular fiction.

  • Brother Odd: In this third adventure, Odd has left his hometown and taken up residence in a monastery high in the Sierras. Surrounded by loving but eccentric brothers and sisters, Odd hopes to rest and recover from the horrific events of the last two books. But after he discovers the body of one of the monastery brothers, Odd finds himself going up against a supernatural force that threatens the lives of everyone who lives within the monastery walls. Baker beautifully interprets the first-person narration. Like Odd himself, Baker's delivery is mellow and low key, perfectly fitting Odd's calm, self-possessed point of view. Suspenseful, funny and heartbreakingly sweet, this is a fine, enjoyable production.

  • Odd Hours: In this fourth installment of the beloved Odd Thomas phenomenon, Koontz' modest hero, still missing the companionship of his lost love, Stormy Llewellyn, has returned to a life of quiet anonymity after a particularly harrowing showdown with an enemy of implacable evil. But lately, Odd's been haunted by dreams of an all-encompassing red tide. What does it mean? Inevitably, Odd is drawn to a small coastal town in California, where nothing is as it seems.. And in the darkness that follows, dawn will come only after the most shattering of revelations.

  • Odd Apocalypse: Once presided over by a flamboyant Hollywood mogul during the Roaring �20s, the magnificent West Coast property known as Roseland is now home to a reclusive billionaire financier and his faithful servants. And, at least for the moment, it�s also a port in the storm for Odd Thomas and his traveling companion, the inscrutably charming Annamaria, the Lady of the Bell. In the wake of Odd�s most recent clash with lethal adversaries, the opulent manor�s comforts should be welcome. But there�s far more to Roseland than meets even the extraordinary eye of Odd, who soon suspects it may be more hell than haven.
    A harrowing taste of Roseland�s terrors convinces Odd that it�s time to hit the road again. Still, the prescient Annamaria insists that they�ve been led there for a reason, and he�s promised to do his best for the ghost on horseback. Just how deep and dreadful are the mysteries Roseland and her masters have kept for nearly a century? And what consequences await whoever is brave, or mad, enough to confront the most profound breed of evil? Odd only knows. Like his acclaimed creator, the irresistible Odd Thomas is in top-notch form�as he takes on what may well be the most terrifying challenge yet in his curious career.

  • Odd Thomas is the sole property of Dean R Koontz.

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