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Full Name: Lyrek Baldasaro

Age: 70

Birthdate: May 12, 18,693

Birthplace: City: Nuovo Italia, Planet: Nuova Romae

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown

Hair Style: Short, well-coiffed. His beard likewise.

Build/Body type: Solid muscle. Stocky. Medium.

Height: 5' 10"

Weight: 180

Family: The Baldasaros of Speciosa Domi

Father: Olorёt Baldasaro
Mother: Cuzia Lisi
Brother(s): None
Sister(s): Tiziana Baldasaro-Schiavi (20 years older)
Brother-in-Law: Atanasio Schiavi
Nephew: Ludano Schiavi
Niece: Mafalda Floriana Schiavi
Wife: Zabina Coglianese (deceased)
Sons: Piersilvio Monda Baldasaro (27 years old)
Daughters: Flaminia Gabriele Baldasaro (10 years old)


Lyrek is the younger son of Olorёt and Cuzia Baldasaro. He is a concert pianist by profession.

He is a widower with two children. His son is his business manager. His daughter is mischief in motion. Their home is The Italia.

As he owns his own spacecraft, he was approached by the President of Nuova Romae to be their system's representative in InterGeo and to participate in the search for Earth. Piersilvio immediately wanted to know how much it pays, and negotiated a contract with both the government and InterGeo.

The contract with InterGeo specifies full medical coverage not only for Lyrek, who has AAD* in the form of Isoleucine deficiency, but for his sister Flaminia and himself.

Lyrek's form of AAD means that he has chronically low energy, endurance, and very slowly deteriorating muscles. In order for him to participate in this quest, he will have to have medical supervision, which his medical coverage through InterGeo will provide.

Piersilvio Baldasaro

Flaminia Baldasaro

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Interstellar Geographic
Spiral Galaxy
Pan Historia Junction

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