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I am The Sovereign Prince of Joveite, His Highness Shade Sohn von Johann Sohn von Javid Sohn von Karass. Mantoon of the House of Sussex, Pendragon.

What all that boils down to is I am the youngest son of Johann and Rheya of Joveite and I am expendable.

Per my father's wishes and his peace agreement with Sombelene, I have entered into a marraige with one of their nobels. When I left Joveite, I had assumed it was a woman because on our planet, it is against the law and our society to engage in marriage with a member of the same sex. Apparently on Sombelene it is a common practice.

I only wish I had known that before hand.

Maybe it would not have changed my mind on the matter. Maybe it would have. I would like to think that because I am a Prince and I feel the burden of caring for my people, I would have done it anyway. But we'll never know because the decision was hidden from me until it was too late to say, NO.

Now I find myself bound to a man that I strangely do not find repulsive. Beyond that, whatever happens is in the future. Right now I am simply trying to live one day to the next until I can find a way to free my people from my father's ruthlessness and Sombelene's less then benevolent care.

My father is the leader of the Joveite republic. Don't let the title fool you. Even though it holds most of the power on our planet, we are waging a losing war and find ourselves faced with some hard decisions. Unlike my older brother, who will one day follow in my father's footsteps, I have paid far more attention to the affairs of state then he has. I think I might have been more oblivious if I knew what my attentions were going to get me. A husband I have no idea what to do with and a future that might be rather short lived.

My Novels:

Shadows & Smoke
The Matria
Sacred and Profane
Saints and Sinners
The Okee Dokee Corral
Into the Abyss
Spiral Galaxy

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Tyrian Purple

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Kalypso Sunn
Jerry Cornelius
Edith Hopewell
Lady Hazel Rowland
Tank Girl
Selkhet Niuserre

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