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Alexios Flavius Aquila is the son of Senator Titus Flavius Tuscus Aquilianus, a descendant of the ancient Etruscan Aquillia gens. His mother is Claudia Demetria, the daughter of Claudius Alexandros of Athens, a wealthy Greek who possessed Roman citizenship as well as several valuable silver mines. He has one elder brother, Lucius Flavius Tuscus, and a younger sister Flavia Claudilla.

He was appointed military tribune at the age of 20 and served in this position with Legio III Gallica, stationed in Syria, for three years, followed by a voluntary transfer to the Legio III Cyrenaica in Alexandria where he served in the position of tribunus laticlavius for a further year.

Now aged 24 and with his military service concluded, he is expected to return to Rome and try for a quaestorship as the next step of the cursus honorum a young man of his class might pursue. However, as he still has four years before he reaches the minimum age requirement for a candidate of patrician rank, he’s in no hurry at all to return to the family bosom.

Thank you Grandma Chestnut for this lovely cartouche of my name!
13th Risen Phoenix Parade, 2018

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Tender and full of atmosphere. Love the little details.
Nov 14, 2016 11:59 pm

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