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The strangest of stories tend to beget the oddest of people; Brenna being one such soul. She was born to a wealthy family of high society status. Her mother was a Comtesse and her father was wealthy English Baron. They saw to it their child had the best of everything but she was strangely nonplussed by any privilege offered her. By contrast, she seemed bored by it all.

Her intelligence took her to Cambridge where she was an exemplary student. She majored in physics and various forms of mathematics. After graduation, she was offered a research grant and a tenured position in the Cavendish Laboratory. After working there for a year she simply... quit. Her professors said she 'could have won a Nobel prize if she'd applied herself. She went into government work, I hear. Got bored in the lab."

She hadn't just gotten into government work. She had been recruited by the Kingsmen. She served under the mantle of Bedivere for almost three years. However, she found their rules too confining and had a certain callus dislike for their non-lethal policies. She chose to take another job offer when it came. Black ops for MI6.

Spy work suited her. This type of work was particularly thrilling and didn't require her to adhere to a strict code of honor. She had always been a bit flexible on the morals so this suited her better. That was, when she wasn't in the laboratory doing R&D as part of her contract. After all, the best things in life are seldom free.

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Mar 14, 2016 10:57 am

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