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Luath Niamh

"Swift Beauty"

Believing she is the last of her Clan, Luath Niamh, warrior of Fincara, leaves what was once her home that lay in the lush mountain regions of Khitai, on a journey she believes she will never return from. In search of her older brother, Bruth, rumored to have joined the sea mercenaries of Kush, Luath hopes to learn why he betrayed and abandoned his family, the people of their village. Leaving her to face their enemies alone when a band of raiders from Hyrkania, who had destroyed her entire village. None left alive. So they believed. If she does not kill her brother the moment she lays eyes on him, blaming him for the death of their father, and her people, perhaps she will learn the truth behind his cowardice betrayal. Still, she may have to kill him for good measure.

Luath, once a favorite among her people, now has nothing of her own, save her gifted fighting skills to call friend or family. Armed with the weapons of her craft, her father’s sword, her brother’s abandoned bow, and her mother’s courage, Luath is alone, cast out from the great Armies of Kaitai where she had trained—had earned her name as a great Warrior; now, perhaps foolishly, unafraid of what she may face on her journey, she rides West. Luath fears only that she will fail in her quest for answers, for revenge, for resolution. She knows she must battle the turbulent storm of hate that rages within her, fight to quell the crippling pain of loss and control her anger if she is to survive. Revenge can be a dangerous companion, but in truth, it is the only companion she can trust.

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Great start
Jan 03, 2016 11:54 am

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