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Luath Niamh

"Swift Beauty"

Believing she is the last of her Clan, Luath Niamh, warrior of the Fincara, leaves what was once her home in the secluded valleys that lay to the south of Shambhala on a journey she believes she will never return from. In search of her older brother rumored to have joined the sea mercenaries of Tharsis, Luath hopes to learn why he betrayed and abandoned his family, leaving her and their father to face their enemies alone when their lands and holdings were threatened by a band of raiders from Vasta. If she does not kill her brother the moment she lays eyes on him, blaming him for the death of her father, perhaps she will learn the truth. Still she may kill him after for good measure.

Luath Niamh rides armed with her fatherís sword, her brother abandoned bow, and her motherís courage, alone, yet unafraid of what she may face on her journey. Luath fears only the turbulent storm that rages within her, hoping to control her anger. Revenge can be a dangerous companion. If not held in check, such strong emotions can lead to misjudgement, mistakes, and certain death.

But death is a trivial matter compared to knowing the truth.

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Great start
Jan 03, 2016 11:54 am

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