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   Welcome to the Temple of Forensic Science, also known as Abby's Lab.

Remember Abby's rule #1: NEVER LIE TO ABBY.

Trust Gibbs and keep the Caf-Pow coming.

Abby Sciuto is a forensic scientist with Naval Criminal Investigative Service. She works at HQ in the Washington DC Naval Yard. Gibbs' team is her family, and she is very protective of them, although she also has 2 brothers - Luca, her adoptive brother, and Kyle, her newly-discovered biological brother.

Born in New Orleans, Abby has an interest in the paranormal.

Abby is an expert in ballistics, DNA analysis, and digital forensics. Adopted and raised by deaf parents, she is fluent in American Sign Language. Like McGee, she also speaks "hacker", and needs to be reminded - usually by Gibbs - to "speak English".

Despite her tattoos and Goth style, Abby is anything but moody. Indeed, she is rather hyperactive and VERY enthusiastic about her work.

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