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In her wolf form, Bloody Rose is a blue eyed, black wolf -- smaller than the norm by a shade but powerfully muscled and her movements are quick and focused. Rarely does she miss what she has chosen to target and just as rarely does that target survive.

After the complete disaster that was Monsanto, Rose and Siku had had to endure a months' long period during which Rose was raked over the coals about her affiliation with the Brethren of the Moon -- known GPA associates. It had taken forever for her to make the Society representatives finally believe that she had only been a singer and not a true member of the pack (which burned her soul at the lie) but by then she was pregnant with she and Siku's first child and it had to be done.

It turns out that the first child was, in fact, children, and Rose delivered first a girl who was named Sakari (sweetness) and then a son, Kallik (lightening). Both children received Inuit names as was proper and, as it turned out, both were the spitting image of their father.

Pregnant again, this time Rose hopes this little boy will look like her father.

As a human, Rose has jet black hair, blue eyes and a petit figure that makes many underestimate just who she is and what she is capable of when she decides to take action. Most days, that's an impression she chooses to let them have.

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A well handled transition
Sep 29, 2019 06:15 pm

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