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Sarah Este Ashley

Age: 28ish

Date of Birth: 25th May 2150

Birthplace:, London, England

Education: Highly-educated. Holds several degrees including a PhD in Biogenetics and Masters in Nanotechnolgy

Occupation: Research Scientist, Caulfield Research Center (part of the Rosemead-Ashley Research Center, a Subsidiary of Mega-Genetics (and also Spy)

Family and Childhood

Jonathon Ashley, Professor of Biogenetics at Horizon's University (best state-of-the-art University)

Dr. Hannah Ashley, Chief Scientist at Rosemead-Ashley Research Center, a Subsidiary of Mega-Genetics, and Head of Departmental Research Division.

Issues (children):

Sarah Ashley, Research Scientist

The Biography of the Sarah Ashley

Sarah Ashley, a child prodigy who was in enrolled in the same college as her parents and those before her. She hold several Doctorates including Nanotechnolgy at the age of 12 for her study on nano robots and how they effect towards humans. She is what you called a genius coming from along line of geniuses. Being a genius can cause rifts, especially if they are your family. Sarah's family, notably her parents noticed her being a sociopath and bit of a narcissist at a young age.

Sarah's appearance is as follows, she has either short or long reddish auburn hair; it all depends on her mood. She also has blue eyes along with a cream color complexion. Sarah is considered to be highly intelligent as well as caring, bit of a romantic, patient individual, but she doesn't always get her own way, which leads to next problem in her life.

There are rumors going on about her, that sweet little miss innocent Sarah, is a bit of a psychotic and that she is also a spy selling very highly classified information from various different companies whether they are the government or Telecomm to the highest bidder without getting caught. Sarah does this unbeknownst to her family but she also let those who work for her to take a rap for it.

If you want something stolen or you want to buy highly classified info, talk with Sarah. She'll find away of getting the info and then have you pay for it...It all depends on how you high you are willing to pay for such highly classified information.

In the ~ Horizon's Edge ~ Novel:

You want to be very cautious if you are meeting with Sarah to buy some Intel from her. There are times that Sarah appears to be very nice but there are other times...well...let us just say that you better be on your guard or prepare to meet your maker.

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