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Welcome ... it is nice that you have wandered into my woods. I live here year round and bring warmth to the woods when winter comes and turns them into a white silence. To the Cherokee who share the woods with me, I am a daughter of the sun. Should I be flying upwards to my Mother, your luck will be good; but if I am descending, beware for luck will not smile upon you that day.

The Choctaw tell a story about a lonely maiden and a cardinal where I get to be a matchmaker. A lonely maid wandered into my woods and became my friend. She was a lovely, brave woman of great intelligence and I was honored to call her such.

Later that winter, a man of her tribe wandered into my woods and proved himself both honorable and brave. I took it upon myself to tell him of a place where he would be warm for the night and took him to the maid's village. When the lonely pair meet, they discovered companionship, friendship and romance.

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