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Not too much is known about Devonne DeLaney, mostly due to her new arrival to town. She arrived only last week with the wave of Freshman attending University of Denver, Red Moon. She's staying in a large two bedroom apartment downtown, hinting at some family money somewhere. She's still in the process of moving in, however, with the help of an older brother who is crashing in the spare room while he helps her unpack, purchase and move furniture, and explore the new town.

While her brother seems to prefer a large truck as his method of transportation, Devonne prefers what can only be described as a cannabalized motorcycle. While it sounds smooth running, there is no way the pieces of the motorcycle came from a single original. That's probably why the thing has been seen with a glitch or two and she's been noted spending some free time working on the engine.

Other than her brother, Devonne seems to spend more time with the bike than people in the town. So far, she's shown herself to be either shy or arrogant, depending on point of view, as she doesn't seem to interact much with the townies or other Freshman. Then again, that could be due to being focused on moving in and being in a new town.

Appearance-wise, Devonne is a petite, standing a mere five-foot-three. She has a semi-athletic build, slender yet with moderate curves in the right places. She tends to dress in jeans, though what she'll pair with them on any given day is anyone's guess. She has an oval face with dark blue eyes. The eyes are hidden behind her black plastic framed glasses and a shock of red hair. Not just any shade red, either, but the fire-in-the-sunset shade that many try to mimic. She keeps the hair a few inches past shoulder-length, though with bangs that always seem to be in her face. Still, in the off moment that she brushes them back, one can see intelligence and a fierceness just below the surface.

Perhaps the girl just might be able to handle herself in this haunted town and make it out sane.

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