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Age 39. Average appearance. Covered in tattoos of various quality. Including his "Cheat sheets" on his arms which have his kids' names and birthdays.

Becket has worked at The Academy since he was a teenager.
He is content with his lot in life.
He has a small cabin in the woods off the road leading to the school, but stays at the school when working.

He has five kids by two different women. The kids are (with ages and Moms)

Flint 21 (Crystal)
Sarah 18 (Felicia)
Ruby 16(Crystal)
Jade 11 (Crystal)
Sam 7(Felicia)

Flint works at the bar by the highway.
Sarah works at the Inn
Ruby picks up various odd jobs.
Crystal works at the truck stop.
Felicia works at the grocery store.

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I really liked this post a lot. Keep up the good work!
Dec 06, 2015 02:23 pm

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