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Mennefer Ramesses

Nickname: Menne

Title(s): Hereditary Princess (iryt-p`t), Great of Praises (wrt-hzwt), Priestess of Mut of Precinct of Mut, Divine Adoratice

Age: 18

Birthdate: unknown

Birthplace: City of Waset

Education: Well-Educated

Family of Mennefer Ramesses

Mennefer's Father: Prince (Haty-a) Merneptah, the fourth son of Prince Aakheperenre and his third and most beloved wife, Isetnofret, Royal Favorite Wife), Nephew of the Pr’Aa and Double Overseer of the Gold and Silver

Mennefer's Mother: Princess Atinmerit, (the fourth daughter of Prince Ho-Im-Hotep and his wife, Princess Nes-tauta-khut, younger sister to the mother (????) of Nesnut Hatspepsut.)

Siblings: 10 in total. Five sons and five daughters.

The Two Eldest brothers:

Menena Ramesses serves in the Pharaoh’s army - Captain of the troop

Chefren Ramesses serves in the Pharaoh’s army - Commander of 250

The youngest siblings:

Bayek and his twin sister, Min-nefret

Other Relatives:



Aunt: Pr’Aa Nesnut Hatshepsut

Close Friend/Love Interest

Amersis Rameses, Commander of 250

Here Lies the History of Mennefer Ramesses

Born in most prominent and one of the noblest of families of city of Waset, Mennefer was the eldest daughter and most beloved of 10 children of her well respected parents, Merneptah, the Double Overseer of the Gold and Silver Houses and his wife, Princess Atinmerit, the fourth daughter of Prince Ho-Im-Hotep and his wife, Princess Nes-tauta-khut, younger sister to the mother (????) of Nesnut Hatspepsut. Mennefer is also the niece of the great and powerful, Pr’Aa Nesnut Hatshepsut.

Mennefer’s appearance is that she is of great beauty with long ebony hair and dark beautiful eyes along with creamy tan and flawless complexion and built is slender and athletic. She also dressed in the finery of a royal family. In Mennefer’s growing up years in the Royal palace of her Aunt, the great Per’Aa along with her parents. Mennefer’s siblings along with herself were being tutored by Senenmut.

Since the day that Mennefer was born and it was not customary for women or even those of Court to learn art of warfare. But for Mennefer, she found away to defy the odds by secretly learning how to wield any type of weapon from sword to bow and arrow under the guidance of Commander of 250 Thothmes Amenemhotep, a close friend of her elder brothers Menena and Chefren. She also learned how to ride a horse and years later became an excellent horsewoman. Besides the secretly learning the art of warfare, Mennefer also learned womanly duties; which included a excellent education by her tutor. As she will find out later, Mennefer will become a Priestess of Mut.

During her time as Priestess of Mut and it was during the final day at the Opet Festival that Mennefer parents along with her aunt, Per’Aa Nesnut Hatshepsut began the long haul of finding a husband for their beloved and eldest daughter/niece. They didn’t look no further than finding one within or somewhere in the family lineage of the Royal House of Pr’Aa.

Taking time from her priestly duties, Mennefer was walking towards armory where she will continued in her art of warfare training by the Weapons Trainer, Commander of 250 Thothmes Amenemhotep; who has been training her since she was young child as well as her older brothers. It was at the time that Mennefer was practicing her archery skill when Commander Thothmes entered the room followed by another man, quite handsome in appearance. Her weapons trainer introduced Mennefer to Commander of 250 Amersis Rameses and vise versa. It was at that moment their eyes met and the world around them slowly stopped for a brief moment. Mennefer blushed as she looked away from him and headed towards the weapons rack.

Little did she know that romance and trouble will befall her.

In the ~ Egypt ~ Novel:

Princess Mennefer, niece to Pr'Aa Nesnut Hatshepsut and Priestess of Mut, in the Precinct of Mut in Karnak. Mennefer finds love in the most unexpected place.

If you would wish to speak with me..Please leave a message with my servant, Nofre-t-ari (see below image)

This homepage is designed by Mennefer

Character Disclaimer: The images for Mennefer Ramesses' avatar are from the video game called Assassin's Creed Origins set in Ancient Egypt.

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