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Tierney Maguire is the old man of Gainsford, South Carolina. To many of the small town's inhabitants, he is little more than someone loosing their mind with old age. He speaks of magic, witches, and other strange creatures. But he takes his title of Old Man Maguire very literal and happily; he views himself as the protector of Gainsford, and more especially, of the O'Reilly family. For only Tierney knows the Maguire and O'Reilly secrets and the curse plaguing both families. // Magick
A Soul-Walker of African, Jamaican, and English descent, but born in the southern United States, Elise developed her own practices derived off of witchcraft and voodoo. Although she views herself a scholar first and witch second, Elise gained minor recognition in both the academic and supernatural communities. Since the 1990s Elise has been a close friend to Celestina de Valcastro, and it's that very friendship that may be Elise's rise or fall. // Magick
To the outside world, Henry's a regular medical doctor employed by the government. To those who know him well - or who has high level clearance - he's the chief doctor on the dragon born project. Henry's always been a good, funny, and down-to-earth guy but there has been a sudden shift in his behavior. You can say he isn't like himself and that's completely accurate. The real Henry has been gone for a while and replaced with an otherworldly mercenary. Only time can tell if Henry will be returned. // Everlast

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