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Star of India (and San Salvador) Companion Sail 2018:

San Salvador by Ballast Point
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Sailing to Hyde Park
I Saw Five Ships Comes Sailing In

May you have fair winds. I am a fusion of a replica wooden sailing ship and the seed of a sentient bioship

I stand with all sentient ships:

  • The Liberator in Blake’s Seven
  • Moya in Farscape
  • The Tardis in Doctor Who
  • The Vorlon ships in Babylon 5
  • Anne McCaffrey’s The Ship who Sang
  • Ship in Star Wars (a fusion of a pilot and ship)

I am inspired by the building of a replica of Juan Rodriguez Cabrillo’s ship, which was built in view of the public with half the hours coming from volunteers before being put on a barge and taken down to a professional shipyard for final finishing.

San Salvador launched!

  • NBC San Diego
  • San Diego Union Tribune
  • A man named Andres de Urdaneta did a report based on Cabrillo's log in 1543. He felt ocean winds went east (home) in the far north, thus finding the way back and making Manila galleons possible.

    Cabrillo (probably born Juan Rodriguez), built the San Salvador, the largest of the 6 or 7 built in his shipyard, by 1541, he mentioned he had built and paid for it himself.

    The San Salvador sailed with two other vessels up the coast of what is now the western United States. Cabrillo wanted to sail the Southern Seas to find China, the Straits of Anian, or Cibola; he found none and died in the process.

    Known Crew:
    Juan Rodr�guez Cabrillo, pilot and commander
    Ger�nimo de San Rem�n, master perhaps of the San Salvador
    Bartolom� Ferrer, chief pilot and pilot of probably La Victoria. From Levantine coast of Spain
    Lorenzo Hern�ndez Barreda, a pilot, from Corsica
    Antonio Correia, master - Portugeuse, prob commanded San Miguel
    L�zaro de C�rdenas - on voyage
    Francisco de Vargas - on voyage
    Fray Julian de Lescano, an Augustine monk

    Made up Crew:
    Miguel Sanchez de Ortega - merchant, cousin to Cabrillo’s wife
    Miguel’s friend Juan
    Pedro - steward
    Francisco - bad back
    Tello - lived around ships all his life, knows everything, can put anything back together
    Diego - dapper
    Domingo - “Bam Bam”
    Roberto - loner
    Benito - quiet, wood carver

    Taken on the barge that later took the San Salvador away to a professional shipyard.

    San Salvador on the barge at the site where it was built.

    San Salvador on the barge coming to its new, temporary home.

    San Salvador sails!

    I've tried for awhile to get pics of her sailing, but I'm always on the ship, or the crew doesn't unfurl the sails until they pass me, but here is the first sail thanking the build site volunteers. - I'm on the next one!

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The Lion's Den
Star Wars: The Saga

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Tudor Rose

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