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It’s always fun to share your interests with others, my interests is of course in my friends
and not to forget to mention, water

In case you didn’t figured this one yet. I’m Laguna, I’m a 26 year old Lacuna.
Yes my specie’s name is named: Lacuna.
No, it is not LaGuna. LaCuna.
It is a misunderstanding that happened between Sahtori
and me many years ago. My real name is much to long to spell it out for ya. :
”Dshi’li manishaka ‘lele lohara Minouk ‘ishiki”

But Laguna will suffice

A “lacuna” is actually the evolution of what you call a 'Dolphin' we are creatures
that came back out of the waters to be with the
creatures we had so much interest for and maintained protection for
them until they sadly... got extinct. Hence yes we got a blowhole on the top of our heads...

Surf’s up bro’s flip ya later!

- Laguna

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Sahtori Kamaya

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The World of Nia
The Trig
Twisted Fate - Out of Print
Destination: South Pacific
Kingdom Hearts - Hearts Destiny

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