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Eve was a very bright young physicist that trained at MIT before committing to a future in teaching. She interned at Cern after college and was considered for a permanent position. Though she was offered many jobs in the private sector, working with new minds appealed to her much more than toiling in a lab. She is driven and a bit eccentric, mostly due to her youth and her constantly derailing train of thought. She is deeply involved in the scientific community and hopes to make large contributions to it with her life. Her hope is that her largest contribution would be by enriching the minds of a new generation.

She took a job at the academy because she liked the idea of quiet and isolation in the countryside to get work done. It helped that it had been her late mothers alma mater. She's heard rumors of the place being haunted but pays them no attention. Her mind is devoutly scientific with no room for belief in religion or the paranormal. She's not condemning of all those that do, but she is a skeptic to a fault and needs evidence to believe in most everything.

She is single, an only child and estranged from her father. She has been at the academy for 3 years now as a science teacher. She was born in a small town in Rhode Island where her mom and dad had settled down to do independent research and write papers. After her mothers death when Eve was 7, her father reclused and clung to his work. He walled off a lot of things in his life, including Eve who hasn't spoken to him in years. And, whether she realizes it or not, her constant sarcasm and devotion to her studies leaves her more like her father every day than she'd care to admit.

Graduating from Cambridge at the age of fifteen, Eve was a model of the young genius. However, she chose an odd career path by taking a job with a private security contractor to work as a white-hat hacker. She gained notoriety in the papers after a few books of hers were published as well as some personal computer security software she developed, but in time the buzz about her died down and she 'fell off the radar' so to speak as she settled into a normal life. Or, as normal as life can be for someone who started at Cambridge when they were twelve years old.

Now, at the age of twenty-five, she's been offered an opportunity to consult at the CERN laboratory. With the idea of coming out of retirement looming, she's met with many decisions. Quitting her job in London and uprooting after all this time being one as well as some other offers that were recently put on her table which are of quite a different nature...

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