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Ty is a quiet kind of guy until you get to know him then he opens up. He is kind and caring and he is part of the punk subculture; that is not to say he can't be a complete asshole at times, too. He can...and he is sometimes.

Ty is 30 years old a native to Colorado but a transplanted into San Francisco, California about 6 months ago. He has been staying with friends and couch surfing at his brother's place, but he is tired of that and wants to have a place of his own now.

Ty is kind of a jack of all trades. He can pretty much do and fix anything that needs fixed. He likes to work with his hands and often finds himself being a handyman or working in construction.

Ty was named after his father Tyson Gracen; his mother is Anna Gracen. He has a good relationship with his parents and his siblings; he has one brother Jameson and a sister Lara. His brother lives in San Francisco (the reason he moved to California in the first place) Lara, Ty and Jameson's baby sister, moved to San Francisco with her big brother. The three had always been close growing up and they wanted to be closer to each other again. Their parents Tyson and Anna live in Colorado still.

Ty likes music (punk mostly), hiking, spending time with his family, cooking, and just having fun with his friends.

Ty is also a chef at Mountain Thai Restaurant. He is looking for something a little less hectic like being a private chef or working as a caterer. That is when he stumbled upon a catering shop in San Francisco called Catching Aire and he asks if they are hiring. The owner Coraline, sensed something in him, something akin to her...and she nodded.

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