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Greetings and Welcome, my friends

or in Sindarin: Suilad! Mae Govannen, mellyn nin

Alatáriel Lómelindi

Other Names: Tinúviel (Sindarin word: 'Nightingale')

Title(s): Lady of Gondolin, Lómelindi (Sindarin word: 'Nightingale')

Location: Gondolin

Language: Quenya and Sindarin

Date of birth: First Age 150, Gondolin

Race: Elves

Culture: Ñoldor (House of Fingolfin), Lindar (Teleri), Gondolindrim

Gender: Female

Height: Tall

Horse: Isilmë (Quenya word for 'Moonlight')


Ecthelion, Lord of the Fountain, Warden of the Great Gate and his wife, Lady Faelwen,(Elvish Lindar(Teleri) “Singers”)


Aearion, Captain Gondolindrim Archers within King Turgon’s Armies

Gilronthor, Gondolindrim Warrior within King Turgon’s Armies

Erurion, Elven Warrior within King Turgon’s Armies

Alatáriel Lómelindi, singer of song (Lyric coloratura soprano or think: beautiful melodious and clear bell-like)

Close Friend of Family:

Voronwë Aranwion of the House of Fingolfin

The history of Alatáriel Lómelindi of Gondolin

Alatáriel is considered to be very beautiful with golden hair of Laurelin and eyes of blue like the river Sirion. She is also known for her gift of song, and when she sings…it sounded hauntingly beautiful melodious and clear…a gift that has past down from one generation to the next. Those who have heard her sing...has given her a name Lómelindi or Tinúviel the Sindarin word for nightingale.

During times of peace within the white walls of Gondolin, Alatáriel was first introduced by her older brother, Erurion to Voronwë at the state business of King Turgon.

In the ~ New Tales from Middle Earth ~ Novel:

Gondolin novel topic board

The rise and fall of the Hidden City of Gondolin.

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The spirit of Tolkien's Gondolin beautifully captured
Apr 16, 2020 06:00 am
Vivid imagery.
Apr 22, 2015 09:07 pm

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