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My name is Brooklyn Kane, named after the two donors that make up my DNA combination. Brooklyn, for an officer in the Elite’s armed forces and Kane after a species that was found on one of the further reaches of the OutWorld Allegiance. The species, 10895-kan3, discovered by Sazool and Taps a hundred cycles ago had been long extinct. But as usual, in the Elite’s infinite wisdom, they spliced human DNA with that of the Kane. History tells us the first splices were a pleasant surprise to the Elite. They were elegant, genteel, beautiful and entertaining. What the Elite didn’t know was they were also brilliant and cunning. The result had been a foiled uprising and a change to the splice program where the Kane DNA was concerned. Those of us who came next were carefully built to avoid the undesirable nature of 10895-kan3, but to retain our strange innate abilities were technology was concerned.

The Elite, those naturally born from two fully humanoid parents, inhabit the planet Dareus and are very much a space fairing race. It is said they first existed on a planet called Earth before needing to leave. Many wondered if this race, in their infancy, had destroyed their home. There are also whispers that these humans had really come from Sombelene or Joveite, an offshoot that no one wants to talk about. Of course, things of such ilk are often wagged about on the tongues of those low in intellect.

For myself, I am currently deployed on Dareus’ first moon. It is an industrial planet that is used for many things the humanoids use but would rather not know about. My own function is to build and repair med beds. I am an engineer to my core. Maybe it’s because I have been InGen’ed this way or, as I prefer to think, it is because it’s what I am good at. Still, at the end of the day I am a Splice.. a second-class citizen and piece of property to be used and thrown away.

I am Brooklyn Kane and here is where my story begins….

There was a time when great cities covered the face of this planet. People were grouped together by the millions. Our skies were filled with poisonous air and there was hardly a place that mankind had not walked. Families could contain dozens of members and would be as scattered as the wind itself. Wars were fought with hardly any loss of life and there were things called 'Super Powers'. There was even a time that man went to the stars and walked among them like thoughts in a dream. And then came the time of change...

There are many stories on what happened, most are as outlandish today as they may have been back then. The sky had rend open and spilled upon the Earth a disease that changed the course of our evolution. Or perhaps it was the little red men from Mars who brought with them a plague so heinous as to nearly wipe mankind from the face of their own planet. The 'Super Powers', whoever they had been, had brought about the age of death with weapons the likes of which no one has seen today. But the truth is less spectacular and just as lethal. A virus, a germ, had been released from a lab. Had it been an accident? Or a move made on purpose? No one knows and anyone who might have the truth had been long gone by the time of my life. Still, the result had been the same. Most of the world's population died; and those left behind now faced a new unknown threat. Many could not bear children and of those who could, they were passing on a mutation no one would have knowledge of for many generations to come.

But that was the Been Been and this is the Now.

And we are the Children of the Change

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Shadows & Smoke
Spiral Galaxy
Shades of Un-Reality

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Apr 29, 2015 07:50 am
Like it! Keep it up *s*
Feb 27, 2015 11:01 am

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