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I am Coraline Skye and I am 29 years old and single. I also own my own online sweet shoppe called Skye Clad Sweets and a catering business called Catching Aire Catering in San Francisco, California.

By night I am an Ailuranthrope or a ware-cat as it were. I guess you could say I did not like it at first. I didn't know what to make of it all...I've had a lot of people help me through the hard parts and helped me to adjust to this new way of life; and I guess you could say that I more or less like it now. You know it is a little straining on relationships when you want to kill the man of your dreams during the full moon. *Chuckles* When I am in wear-cat form I look like an African Serval Cat. Not one of the bigger cats but certainly a pretty one; however, when you compare them to a house cat they are big.

This man, Ty Gracen, came into my catering shoppe the other day and I remember looking at him and thinking he was cute. Our eyes met and I knew that there was something...there was a connection...but I did not know what it was yet. He asked if I was hiring, I didn't really need help in the shoppe, what I needed was him I just did not know in what capacity just yet...but time would tell them both.

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Zone : Horror
Year of the Cat

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