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   Dear friend welcome to my home! For those that do not know me, allow me to introduce myself. I am Erestor. Many long years now I have served as chief archivist, council advisor and liason. When I first became an archivist it was in the service of former High King Gil-Galad after the founding of Imladris. Now, I serve in the same roles under our current High King Lord Elrond. Although my wife is long since gone from Arda, my only family is my daughter Amaria. Just as beautiful as her mother, she is more like myself than I care to admit. Stubborn beyond words and always willing to do her duty even if it gets her in hot water, she is the pride of my heart. It seems though that now my dear friend is to wed there will yet a new series of challenges ahead of me. The greatest of these shall be the exiled one Amala.

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