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Aoibhell is the daughter of Thuvia Tamsin, the Crimson Queen, who led a band of humans into the cold wastelands of the north to escape enslavement by the shape-shifting dragons. It is said that they have little interest in the colder climes but rumors persist of the ice dragons. Thuvia's flight brought her people to a large island where the elves and trolls have battled for dominance for centuries. When she arrived, the Crimson Queen made it clear that she would not take sides in the conflict if both factions would permit the humans to live in peace. Her strategy has managed to allow her subjects to adapt to their new home, becoming well established and prosperous in their new domain.

Suddenly everything has changed. In an effort to gain the throne for herself, Thuvia’s cousin has aligned herself with the elves. Qamar’s promise to bring the humans into the conflict against the trolls convinced their leader to provide her with the support necessary to capture Thuvia and supplant her on the throne. Fortunately Aoibhell was not at court when Qamar seized the queen and her supporters. Having evaded capture, the princess has decided to make her way to Roskilde to seek aid from Ruskorin Bloodaxe, king of the trolls. With her small band of guardians, she must elude pursuit and venture through the perilous icefields before she can make any attempt to negotiate an alliance.

In her quest Aoibhell finds one major dilemma. The captain of her escort is none other than Dragos Viteazul, son of Qamar. Bravest and best of her guard, he has always proven faithful to Thuvia and her régime. Will that change now that he faces the prospect of confronting his own mother in a crusade to restore the Scarlet Queen to her realm? A man not given to confiding his thoughts to others, Dragos remains an unknown factor. His skills could mean the difference between success and failure… if he can be trusted! Aoibhell must resolve whether to put her faith in him or rid herself of his presence soon. Upon her choice rests the fate of the kingdom!

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