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A man of honor and ambition, Dragos often finds himself torn. He walks a fine line between integrity and his desire for power, respect, and wealth. Just how willing is he to sacrifice one to attain the other? Fortune has not been kind to him. Though born to the royal house of Turusachan, he has no hope of rising to sit on the queen's council for Qamar, his mother, has disgraced herself and her children with her constant plots against Thuvia, the Crimson Queen. Yet, despite this, Dragos has managed to win a position as the captain of Aoibhell Thoris' guard. Leading the princess' escort at the moment that Qamar finally achieves her dream and deposes her cousin, he must decide where his loyalties lie.

Sworn to protect Aoibhell, Dragos recognizes that the one certain way to become his mother's favorite and chosen heir is to betray the princess to her. With one single act, he can achieve more than he had ever dared to dream. Yet... there is something that still holds Dragos back. Aoibhell has somehow managed to win his loyalty through her kindness and compassion. Is the bond between them strong enough to quench his desire for the throne that is her birthright?

His skills can help Aoibhell recover her mother's realm and free Thuvia from the dank prison where Qamar holds her. However, the princess is fully aware of the danger she faces by putting her trust in Dragos. Will she accept that risk... or make the sensible decision and have him slain?

Perhaps the deciding factor in Aoibhell's choice is her knowledge that Dragos has won the respect and admiration of Ruskorin Bloodaxe, king of the trolls. Without his aid, the princess has little chance of defeating Qamar's army and winning back the kingdom that means so much to her.

Of course, none of this means anything until the princess and her captain traverse the perilous forests and icefields that lie between Turusachan and Roskilde. On that long and tiresome journey dangers await them that neither can predict!

In all this confusion and turmoil, there is one certainty that Dragos can not forget. Should he choose to remain loyal to Aoibhell and Qamar prevails, his life will be forfeit. His mother will not give him a second chance nor will she allow any ties of blood hinder her quest for revenge... a vengeance that will be slow and agonizing.

Once Dragos has committed himself fully to either Aoibhell or Qamar, he must ensure success for failure is not an option!

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House of the Dragon

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House of the Dragon
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