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Prin ti Demsiri

Prin Ti Demsiri is 26 years old, 6 foot tall, weighing 81 kg (180 lbs), having the deep blue eyes and brown hair of the Shez'ran people. Accepted neither in Kyrenaice, the home city of his mother, nor Shez'ra, the home of his Father's family, he has found an accepting "home" on the streets in the large city-state of Arcadia.

Prin is uplifting, inspiring, and charming. He is a fun person to be around, with his wit and sparkling personality, but Prin may rely too much on superficial, humorous conversation. Alas, he is extroverted and optimistic; appreciating fine clothing and jewelry, and enjoys dressing up a bit. A bit of a romantic, he falls in and out of love rather quickly. Though affectionate and giving, he must not let his charm be an incentive to play too much. Maybe he should work at developing deep and lasting relationships. Prin can be frivolous about commitments and may dramatize or exaggerate. And Prin has a distinct "lucky streak" that attracts many opportunities.

Prin is an agile member of the Arcadian streets; cunning, resourceful, with the stealth and skills of an assassin; often rumored to be an Outlaw and hire for dirty deeds done cheap. He prefers his beautiful black horse, exotic women, and easy money. He has an acrobatic athletic ability, expert swordsmanship, and likeability by the people; He is also skilled with his twin Scimitars, dagger, bow and arrows, lance, and special tools of the assassin.

Twenty-six winters ago, Prin was born in Kyrenaice, a city-state on the plains of the southern Acacus, to Imarin, daughter of Fareid, the Kyren Merchant, and her Master, Adalsen, a blacksmith from Shez'ra, in the northern regions of the Canas. Adalsen loved Imarin, but could not take her as his wife, so he enslaved her and made her part of his house. Prin was the result of their consummation; but he was born to a lifeless mother, given freedom, by an unforgiving father.

Death in childbirth robbed Adalsen of his beloved Imarin; and he had his motherless child suckled by a woman of the house, named Erin, who had previously lost her child due to infant disease. And over the next few years, Erin come to love Prin, but the Father endured familia pressure to be rid of the bastard. And so it was, Adalsen blaming Prin for the death of his beloved wife, Erin who took the toddler from Shez'ra to Arcadia. Despite a loving mother-figure til her dying day, the boy grew up on the streets, learning how to steal, extort, and defraud people after first gaining their confidence. Soon, his "street skills" became his greatest asset.

His athletic ability, swordsmanship, and likeability by the people prevented him, many times, from being imprisoned. And so it came to pass, that Abu Said Uthmann became Amir of the Rash'ani, and his oppressive manner became *the norm*. Albeit, Prin resisted, and in such became an outlaw, rumored to kill and maim at no discretion; supposedly hiring out to the highest bidder.

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