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My name is Elrohir. I am the elder of twin sons born to the High King Lord Elrond of Imladris and his wife Lady Celebrian. Although my mother was lost to us when we were young and was forced to return to the undying lands, it was no mystery that she longed for the wooded kingdom of her parents Galadriel the Lady of Light and her husband Lord Celeborn. I have an older sister named Arwen Undomiel who is deeply in love with a Numenorian Ranger named by the people "Strider" but whom is the heir of the human king Isildur by the name of Aragorn. Although destined to take over the kingship of Gondor, he has chosen a life of exile as a ranger. As such, he helps protect others as they travel through the wilds on their journeys to and from other kingdoms. Regardless of how he perceives himself, he is and always will be melon nin and brother at arms. Although I am very much like my brother and more contented to do our share amongst the guards of our people or in league with the rangers, Elledan and I are in the midst of preparations for our father's upcoming wedding to Lady Herewood, the mother of Captain Elvina Herewood our future sister.

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