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   Queen Afra of Naboo's Homepage

Greetings and Welcome

to Naboo

Welcome to Theed Palace, the royal set of Her Majesty Queen Afra of Naboo.

Afra Jade

Born: 86 BBY ( 11 BrS ), Naboo

Species: Human

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 6"

Mass: 110lbs

Hair color: Brown

Eye color: Brown

Skin color: Light

Homeworld: Naboo


Princess of Theed,
Queen of Naboo,
Senator of the Chommell Sector

Chronological and political information

Era(s): Rise of the Empire era


Royal House of Naboo,
Galactic Republic,
Galactic Senate,
Delegation of 2000,
Galactic Empire,
Imperial Senate

Her Royal Majesty Queen Afra's bio

My name is Afra Jade. I was born on the planet of Naboo of two well-known and well respected parents, a former Jedi Knight named Eiran Jade and Senator Runa Vesta of Bortras. But I was raised short time on the planet of Bortras.

My parents... *I said sadly with a heavy heart* ..., my father, like I said before a former Jedi Knight in his own right Eiran Jade, and my mother Senator Runa Vesta, was the youngest Senator from Bortras to go the Council on Coruscant. About when I was very young when the Empire years old, the Empire came and destroyed my homeworld of Bortras and also killed my parents. I was secretly hidden during the attack by a family friend, Kian Tellos, and as for my twin sister, I never saw her again.

I was taken back to my home world of Naboo to be raised by personal Secretary Kian and his wife, Brinna Tellos and from that time onward I was raised and went to school for Political role of which one day I become and the present Queen of Naboo.

My appearance is that I am a very attractive female with long dark brown hair with haunting brown eyes. Dressed in a finery of a noble family or of a ruling Queen. I am caring, some what patient, but also well-spoken individual. But also mysterious and also very sad.

The recent events, news of the Empire sending a fleet of ships to my home planet.

In the ~ Star Wars: The Saga ~ Novel:

Afra, HRM Queen of Naboo is the current ruler of Naboo. She is seeking protection from Imperial tanglements from the Galactic Senate before the Imperials land on Naboo.

With the help from her Royal Protectorate and Jedi Master, Provida Skywalker, Queen Afra and a small group disappeared from Naboo leaving her Decoy behind in her stead as Queen Afra aka Belva in a reverse role flew to Coruscant to ask for help for her people of Naboo.

My Royal Protectorate of Naboo, Jedi Master Provida Skywalker *see below photo*

HRH Queen Afra's Enemy

Edrie Jade

Below are HRM Queen Afra's droids... R4D4, and protocol droid, C5PO.

This homepage is brought to you by following Dana Lea's Graphic website.

Disclaimer: This site is for entertainment purposes only. The Star Wars logo, names, pictures, etc. of Star Wars related items are registered Trademarks and/or Copyrights (�) of Lucas-film Ltd. No copyright infringement is intended.

Character Disclaimer: Queen Afra of Naboo is solely created by me for the Star Wars The Saga novel to write there. It has been seen a long time ago on the defunct website called ScifiVine prior to Panhistoria. And is copyrighted on the day of creation of 1st of August 2004.

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Dedicated to the passing of Carrie Fisher aka Princess Leia Organa Solo
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Finally seeing the causes of Imperial Oppression
Aug 18, 2018 03:46 am
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