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This home is still in the works.

I was born Lady Maria del Carmen de Villalpando on January 5 of the year 1717. While formally addressed as Maria, relatives always addressed me as Carmen as all the females in our family were Maria as well. However, once my humanity had vanished, Carmen was the only portion I took away with me to serve as a reminder of who I was.

My parents were Marquess Cristobal Gregorio Portocarrero de Villalpando and Marquise Maria de Villalpando. My father served the Spanish crown for most of his life and so did my grandfather before him, initially serving as the Ambassador of Spain to London and later acquiring the Presidency as the head of the Council of the Indies.

Ever since I was a young girl, my mother ensured my sister Maria Catalina and I gained a thorough knowledge of the Spanish, French and English language. In addition to this, my parents arranged for us to take lessons in History, Arts and Music. By the age of 13, I knew how to run a household and host events and be a lady of the court which was of the utmost importance to my mother. My father on the other hand was more interested in marrying us.

More to come soon...

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