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Immortality is the dream of every human. It was the dream of Hans Bauer as well. He had long toiled away in his private laboratory to try to attain it. His experiments with aether seemed to bring him closer and closer, yet there had never been a successful test. The latest test was upon a dead dog, however the results were troubling. While he was able to reanimate the dead animal, it awakened as a mindless drone with only the basest of animal instincts. Kill. Eat. Survive. He had to try again. He was close, but something was still missing.

His wife, Adrienne, was pregnant with their first child when it happened. Saboteurs. Fanatics who thought of Bauer as a madman who played God. Heretics who sought to destroy his research. They came in the night and attacked the house, setting it ablaze in an attempt to destroy it all. Hans barely made it out alive, dragging his collapsed wife with him, but it was too late. She'd been trapped in the smoke too long and was gone. Hans, stricken with grief, could not wait any longer for a human test subject. He gathered what he could in the ashes of the basement laboratory and commenced the final phase of the procedure to bring her back.

Infusing her body with pure aether, he hoped this time the results would be different. They were not. His wife was reanimated as a soulless monster. He had only marginally succeeded. She attacked him and killed him, leaving his research taken with him to the grave. She was lumbering away as the crack-shot of a snipers rifle pierced her skull and ended her again. They had come to finish his work of the devil, and they had. But, one thing was disconcerting. The mother was dead... but the child within her was alive.

The newborn, small and early to the world, was taken by airship and secreted away into England where she was given into the hands of Lord Grimmauld Grey, ledger keeper of the Diogenes Club. The man who brought him the child said only "I entrust this to you. Your people will know what to do with it." Grim, knowing how the child came to be, thought the wisest course of action would be to drown the little beast, but his wisdom was overshone by his mercy and he decided to keep the child his secret.

In the coming years, he raised the girl as his own, never allowing her to leave the house. He explained that she was only safe in these four walls and that if others knew she survived, they would surely seek to kill her or worse. Katy, wary of the horrors of the world, did not disobey. However, she was not just an average child. Grim observed early on that the aether that had infused her blood had changed her. The child exhibited extreme empathy and perception of the world around her. Her flesh had become one with the aether. Like a ghost, she could step through walls and even become invisible. She preferred to be invisible, feeling safer that way. Though she was not all that quiet, as a child is want to be. She was often heard but never seen, hence her nickname that stuck with her always. Cricket.

Years passed, Grim grew old and Katy grew into a woman. He knew it was becoming increasingly difficult to justify the prison his manor had become, but what would the world make of her? Katy was lonely, prone to bouts of melancholy and silence. She would disappear and spend hours in the gardens talking to plants as her only companions. Grim could only imagine what damage he had done to her leaving her locked up all these years. He had tried to educate her on the world to prepare for the eventuality of her release into it. It was inevitable. All he could do was give her the best fighting chance this peculiar girl could have. That, and to hope that one day, when it was time, the Diogenes Club would forgive him this trespass and understand. Perhaps, he wished, and even protect her in his stead.

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Well done, looking forward to more!
Sep 06, 2016 05:39 pm
Good use of description
Sep 06, 2016 08:51 am

Dec 01, 2015 06:31 am
The most tender and compassionate Black Ops assignment ever.
Oct 28, 2015 12:06 pm
It's nice to have you back posting :)
May 14, 2015 05:15 am

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