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In this city, none of the genetech runners have quite the reputation that 'Switch' does. She's known as ruthless, cold and effective. An agent that has never, and will never fail. Without any cybernetic upgrades, she slips by even the most sophisticated sensors. Her natural skills make her a living hard drive. She gets in, gets out and disappears into the night with what she came for stored forever on the perfect cloud.

They say she is without a past. She just appeared one day, coming onto the radar of the criminal underworld as a blip and seemingly overnight becoming the center of the screen. Who she is barely mattered next to what she is. The perfect machine. Or is she?

Few have ever come to know the woman beneath the legend. The truth of her origins or the persona that lives in the shadow of Switch. Even fewer know the razors edge that she walks in order to maintain the guise of the great criminal mastermind. These are secrets she hopes never to reveal. But in a city where so many are in the business of secrets, this might be a forgone hope. All she can do for now is continue to play the game. Think a few moves ahead. Maintain the check.

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Horizon's Edge
Pan Historia Junction

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From the Balcony
Through the Lens
The Craft Faire
The Factory
Live Healthy
Libri Obscuri

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The Green Room
Runner's Rest
The Space Between
The Rabbit Hole

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Lukas Tane
Preston Kane
Number Six
Melaphir Kamal

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