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Everyone lies. Your parents lie to you when you're young, your children lie to you when your old. Big lies. Small lies. Important lies. Meaningless little white lies. Your coworker lies to you so you cover their shift, and your partner lies to you so she can screw him while you do. Deceit isn't a sin, it's an evolutionary necessity; especially in Horizon. As a result, being able to tell when someone's pants are smoldering can be a profitable skill to trade in. Me? People lie to me all the time. Mostly my clients. Especially my clients.

My clients hate that question; at least the one's I've asked. They think it makes them look stupid. Usually when it gets to the point that I have to ask they aren't in need of help in that department. Mediation isn't an art, it's a war. You are at war with your clients, or at least that part of them standing in the way of a deal. Call it pride, call it ego, call it whatever you like; cred is always king. If your ledger balances higher by playing nice rather than spilling any blood you can always make a deal. If not? Then you're simply not thinking hard enough.

I'm not a sociopath; though my contact list has more than it's fair share. I keep my name out of the paper, I pay my taxes, and I do more to keep the average U2C safe than half the Staties in Horizon. When my clients get along everyone's lives are easier, when they don't there's blood in the street; think of it as my civic duty. Of course that isn't why think of it. As I said, cred is always king.

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