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   McLaury Ranch

Above: McLaury Ranch, Soldiers Hole - original oil painting


This site pays honor to the McLaury Brothers and all their kin folk. While we may never know the truth about the lives of Tom and Frank, we do know that they were citizens of the Arizona Territory who had a ranch on which they put in many hours of hard work, and that is to be respected by anyone.
If you would like to read more about me there is a detailed account at my Profile page, above right, along with some maps and other things.

Tom, Frank, Billy and someone else. (stooped over in back)

Howdy! I'm Laurie,WELCOME to my homeplace!

Come on in and take a seat, the coffee pot is always on and that last pan of cookies is just about ready to take out of the oven. As Frank always says, "Nobody leaves this ranch hungry!"
So set a spell and I'll tell you all about me if you'll tell me about you!

NOTE:I am proud to say I was chosen to be Member of the Month in May of 2005. It only lasted for a day or so and then the whole place wrecked, if you recall, and I sincerely hope it wasn't on account of me bein' chosen, but it sure enough did coincide with that happenin'.

Frank, emptyin' the coffee pot, as usual.


My friend Billy Claiborne, who causes me no end of frustration with teasin' an' never listens to a dad blamed thing I tell him he ought to do, but has always stood by me through thick and thin.
Though most of the time he is the cause of us gettin' into the "thick or thin" in the first place.

My friend, the handsome Mr. Deadwood.

My friend John R. who brings me books to read and helps me write.

My friend Pete Spence, who keeps us in stove wood, and who bought me that most beautiful music box I was admirin' in the store at Charleston one day.

This sorrowful lookin' bunch is as follows: In the back - Al Cramer, Bert Hazen, Hank Murrey. In the front, settin' down: Billy Clanton, Johnny Barnes and Frank Wilson.

Tom, Ike, Morg' an' Wyatt: playin' pool and cuttin' up like fools!

This is just a bunch of the men gettin' ready to head out on the trail. I won't attempt to put down who all they are, except that the ones settin' in the front row are:Mr. Clanton, Mr. Stilwell, myself, Mr. Walker, and Tom Norris. I wasn't goin' along but I got to be in the picture. Charley from over Charleston done took it.

Laurie, caught in a somewhat more peaceful moment.

My close friend Billy Claiborne lookin' a little less slicked back than the portrait up top..

Tombstone, as seen by Ron Niebrugge, from my RL hometown in Alaska.

Miss Cashman's actual Arcade Restaurant in Fairbanks Alaska.
Long gone now, though, I'm sad to say.

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Billy Claiborne
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Johnny Ringo
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Nellie Cashman
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Bootstrap Bill Turner

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Loved this post; it was very funny. well, sad but funny as well
Aug 26, 2009 03:40 pm

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