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   Adam Irvine was 16 and a Marin County native, living in a nice home in Mill Valley with his wealthy liberal parents, when the virus killed everyone he ever knew. For all their efforts to be the healthiest, most sustainable, liberal folks, and enjoy an affluent lifestyle, his parents were some of the first to succumb. All around him people died. It scarred him for life, but he was a survivor. He ended up in a group of survivors, all genetically immune to the virus, living in the San Francisco colony. When he was 31 he watched his wife ripped away from him by a painted ape on horseback, and bitten, and then thrown to the ground, and trampled to death. This was the beginning of the war between humans and apes. Adam was left with his infant daughter, Amy. She’s all grown up, a woman in her own right, but Adam is overly protective, of her and the colony. He hates all apes, and believes they should be eradicated or mankind will never be safe. His daughter is fascinated by the apes, but subservient to her father.

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