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Hanover. The name synonymous with science. As the worlds leading expert in bioengineering, Dr. Hanover excelled from an early age. She graduated high school at 14 and had achieved her doctorate by 20. Even before her graduation, she held the patents on enough of her own designs to fund her own independent research facility. She chose, however, to go into the private sector to toil away on her labor or love; medicine.

Sasha was determined to use her extensive knowledge of biology and technology to find cures for diseases. A altruist to a fault, this was to be her lifes work. She labored on adaptive nannites to perform internal surgeries and even developed an A.I. to control them. The problems she began to encounter was trying to keep people from taking her miracles and weaponizing them. This was a fight she was bound to lose.

She found herself arm-twisted into working on gene research involving the new hybrids. It was imperative to find a way to control the species, should they become a threat. As sickening as the thought is to her, she is left with little choice. Build the weapon or watch her work be destroyed. A fair price, right? For what are the lives of these dragons next to the hope for all of humanity?

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Oct 13, 2014 03:15 pm

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