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Called the Nine, the McCray siblings are shrouded my great mystery, passed down as legends to the children of Witches, Wolves, Vampyres, Immortalis, and Hybrids. They have become almost mythical in their own right, but all of the tales have a slight truth - the Nine. The first of the Immortalis-Vampyre Hybrids, the Nine have a small relation to the Valcastros, but little of it is known, and they separate themselves as kin.

Many stories tell of how they came into their race, different versions that often deal with powerful magick, sometimes black and sometimes white. The truth of these stories remain in the hearts of the Nine themselves, known to few others trusted by the siblings themselves.

Of the Nine Rowena is the fifth born. She is favored by her eldest brother, Aedan, who sees it as his duty to lead and protect his siblings. She loves all of her siblings equally and chooses to look for the best in them, especially her brother Alucard, and she is able to forgive any mistake that any of her siblings have made. She has always longed for motherhood, and she was finally granted a child while exploring the Forest of Dean, where she discovered an abandoned child. She took the baby, whom she named Roisin, and became adoptive mother.

Rowena and Rosie are now living in Virginia, and have done so for a small number of years. Rowena desires a quiet life with her daughter, but things are never as they seem.

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