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Arthur was born in Segontium, Britannia, around 439 AD, to a Woad mother and Roman general father. He is 6 foot 2 inches tall, weighing some 190 pounds, with dark brown hair and green eyes.

Arthur, as he was known by the Woad, was a virtually unknown Roman soldier by the name of Artorius Castus, a centurion of the III legion Gallica, praefectus of the VI legion Victrix, dux of the legions of cohorts of Sarmatian cavalry in Britain against the enemies of State.

photo Arthur5.jpg

The Artorii were an equestrian class "family", who, had a very specific geographic distribution. Whatever the clan's origins, the family developed a proud tradition of military and civil service within the Roman Empire. The core branch of the family, the one that left dozens of inscriptions all over the city of Rome itself--and one at Pompeii--dwelt in Campania. It is this branch into which Artorius Castus was born.

At the tender age of 3, his father died while in service to the Romans; killed in a battle against the Saxons. His father, Uther 'Pendgragon' Castus, spent most of his days trying to unite the Roman people with the Woad, due to his marriage to Udelia, daughter of Eithen, a Woad warlord; but religion and politics thwarted every attempt. In his warlike prowess, the Woad penned the title, 'Pendragon', which meant 'Head Dragon', in a figurative sense, referring to his status as "foremost leader" or "chief of warriors." Knowing Uther would not fight the Woad, the Roman Emperor sent Uther against the Saxons to the south, and it was at the Battle of Ardsbury Hill in Wussex that Uther met an overwhelming force and died valiantly in battle.

Again death would plague Arthur's life. At the age of 6, his mother was accidently killed by her own people. In a drive eastward by the Saxons, the Battle of Segontium, in which Saxons defeat Britons, with great slaughter on both sides, Arthur's mother, Udelia, was trapped in a burning building, the fire set by the retaliating Woad warriors. This set Arthur upon a rage against her people, and the Saxons, proclaiming only Rome as his heritage. With no parentage, he was sent to Londonium for training as a soldier by the local Roman magistrate.

'Come, behold, Arthur: young knights. If you so choose, they may someday be yours to lead, just as your father before you. But with this title comes a sacred responsibility: to protect, to defend, to value their lives above your own. Should they perish in battle, to live your life gloriously, in honor of their memory. It has always fallen to a few to sacrifice for the good of many. The world isn't a perfect place, but perhaps people like you, Arthur, and them can make it so.'

On account of the weakening state of the Romans in Britannia, the strength of the Britons was brought to a desperate pass. Under enormous pressure, Britons take matters into their own hands, expelling weak Roman officials and fighting for themselves. This expulsion has Arthur assigned to Britannia in command of the Cavalry.

With both Roman legions withdrawing, Britannia endures devastating attacks by the Woad from the northwest and Saxons from the northeast. With no legion support, it is up to Arthur and his Sarmatian Knights to protect Roman interests. Arthur, at age 21, takes full control of pro-Roman faction and British resistance effort.

photo arthur_n_knights.jpg

From 461 to 468AD, Arthur endures twelve battles in which he gains reputation for leadership, strategy for war, and his presumed invincibility. Excalibur is deemed sacred by the Woad.

'Then Arthur fought against those of the Woad Consortium and Saxon incursions; men in those days who would control Britain for their own reason. But he was the "Pendragon" and was tested in twelve battles. The first battle was in the mouth of the river which is called Glein. The second and third and fourth and fifth on another river which is called Dubglas and is in the region Linnuis. The sixth battle on the river which is called Bassas. The seventh battle was in the forest of Celidon, that is Cat Coit Celidon. The eighth battle was at the fort of Guinnion.... The ninth battle was fought in the city of the Legion,Londinium. He fought the tenth battle on the shore of the river called Tribruit. The eleventh battle was fought on the mountain called Agned. The twelfth battle was at Mons Badonicus, also known as Badon Hill.'

photo arthur3.jpg

Cerdic, Chieftain of the Saxons, and Cynric, his son, drive southward thru Calidonia toward Hadrian's Wall. The Woad are unable to stop the Saxon advancement to the south. For two years, Britons and Woad, under overall command of Arthur, battle the Saxons with a final defeat of the Saxons at the Siege Badon Hill. Following the victory at Badon Hill, the Saxon advance is halted with the invaders returning to their own enclaves in the northeast. Years of peace ensue, save for the minor Saxon testing of Arthur's defenses.

photo arthur2.jpg

Elsewhere, the Goths, under Alaric, sack Rome. All Roman governmental influence vanishes in Britannia.

"Freedom. Arthur. Guinevere. Our people are one. As you are."

"Let every man, woman, child bear witness that from this day all Britons will be united in one common cause. And as for the men and women who gave their lives, their deaths were cause for neither mourning nor sadness. For they will live forever, their names and deeds handed down from father to son, mother to daughter."

photo Arthur_Guinevere.jpg

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