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Standing an average height of 5'11", weighing almost 180 pounds, Lancelott has an athletic built with most of his muscular strength built in his shoulders and arms. This is due to the fact that Lancelott is both-handed, or ambidextrous; this ability was useful when he took up the use of twin swords in his military training. This is something Lancelott is very proud of, since it is not an easy thing to achieve, and complements his aggressive style of fighting. Besides it does come in handy for other uses.

Lancelott has been called the Dark Knight, mostly because of his black curly hair, which is kept short and out of his face, and the neatly trimmed beard and moustache on his handsome face; two dark brown eyes finished off with thick black eyelashes. Also there is his clothing which earn him the name and make his dark appearance complete. Wearing black leather breeches, white cottons shirts, a black jacket and black boots. Even his horse is a black stallion.

His face is very expressive and one can never be sure what exactly it is that he is thinking, mostly charming the skirts of women and girls around the fortress with his ever present smirk on his face.


The first knight is much like the devil's advocate, a double faced person. He can be smiling at you while he is plotting your death at the same time. He is sarcastic, bold, and very arrogant; a side which is brought up especially in front of those he despises. This would include every single Roman, excluding Arthur, which walks on the soil of the earth. Those that Lancelott doesn't like are either ignored or if he couldn't get out of conversation are dealt with a cold indifference from him. Because of his position he can handle being in charge very well and is very able at giving the commands that are needed to continue.

The first knight is fiercely loyal to Arthur, his best friend and commander. The one he has known ever since arriving on this wretched island. He is also protective of those he feels are like his family, including his brothers in arms. Lancelott isn't easily angered but he is very passionate when someone touches those he cares for, especially Arthur. Then he can become as fierce as a hunted beast and strike out at anything and anyone.

Lancelott is friendly and outgoing but he can be as scary and dark as he looks when he feels like it. He is a very moody person and they can fluctuate with the passing of the blink of an eye. On such occasions he is best left alone with his thoughts and brood mood. The first knight attracts flocks of women wherever he goes and he is rarely seen without the company of a beautiful woman. He highly enjoys their company but he isn't looking for commitment since he feels he doesn't deserve a family since he killed enough families of others.

Brief History:

Lancelott was born on the mighty plain that flowed south from the foot of the snow-packed Caucasus Mountains all the way to the Black sea. There near the shore, a little Sarmatian village was nestled. Son of a former Sarmatian knight named Benzyl, the village hoped for many a year that the Romans wouldn't come but in the end they came like they always did.

Lancelott's father amongst others tried to stop them from taking his boy, but ended up injured and almost killed. Only Lancelott's quick move prevented the death of his father. The young man was only ten years old; his best friend was his pet dog and his only thoughts up to that day where to make his father proud. Then he was taken away; leaving behind a saddened father, a broken-hearted mother, and a saddened younger sister' and everything changed in his life.

Taken from home and brought to a island far away from his own, a three month journey to Britain, where he first met Arthur. Arthur believed that Lancelott was the greatest fighter he had ever seen and the most loyal friend. The two had met when Arthur was eighteen and he was only ten. From that time forward they had trained together and fought side-by-side almost constantly.

And as the friends began to learn of other aspects of life - like the beautiful women who always seemed to be available to brave knights in Britain - they experienced those pleasures together as well. Lancelott's regard of Arthur has growth during the years and he would die for his friend's happiness and life. So should Arthur say or do anything that would go against his own happiness, Lancelott would be doubly fierce than before to try and make him relent. He believes in Arthur, however, doesn't believe in Arthur's God.

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