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Motherless at a tender age, Yolande knows practically nothing of the skills a woman must possess to become a wife and mother herself. Instead, her father, having but the one child, has given her what education he can. Bertram was well-known as one of the age's foremost astrologers - casting charts for some of the highest mightiest in the land. At his death, Yolande - as his apprentice - can do nothing more than take over his trade, along with his apothecary.

She understands fully well that, while Bertram was hailed as a scientist of great renown, an enemy might well denounce her as a witch instead. Knowing this, Yolande makes it clear to her clients that she practices no magic but engages in the ancient science. Though some doubt a woman's intelligence is keen enough to engage in such an endeavor, she has managed to keep the patronage of several of her father's clients - including Henry of Winchester. Yolande hopes that her association with the powerful cleric will keep her free of any taint of heresy.

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