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Ysabel, along with her younger sister, is heiress to several valuable manors, both in the north and along the Kentish coast. This allowed her father to make a profitable marriage for her to Joscelyn - who will inherit his father's numerous lands along the Welsh border. Though the marriage is better than most could have expected for Ysabel, she is not happy with the arrangements. Before her own marriage, Ysabel's mother was a close friend of Maud, serving as one her ladies when the Empress traveled to Germany until returning to wed. Ysabel herself grew up in Henry's court and is disappointed with the simplicity and boredom she finds in her new life in the wilderness of the Welsh borderlands.

Amid the tedious details of her new home Ysabel has found an oasis of relief. Behaving as though she were still an unwed girl, Ranulf de Braose flatters her - providing her with what entertainment is available. A younger son of a powerful family, he has taken service with Gervase, her husband's father, until he can somehow acquire lands of his own. Quite aware of the danger that Ranulf presents. Ysabel is careful not to take any of his fine words and promises too seriously. She might enjoy his company but she never forgets that she is a married woman and might suffer terribly if she allows the knight to compromise her. Nor does Ysabel forget that his family has made outlandish claims on some of her husband's most prosperous lands. She will not permit Ranulf to use her against Joscelyn's family.

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