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Many gauge Aubrey by his age, expecting him to be inexperienced and untested. That can be a fatal mistake when dealing with the Lord of Beauville. Young though he is, Aubrey learned many things from his uncle: how to sit a horse, how to wield a sword, and how to face an enemy without fear intruding into his thoughts. However, the most important lesson by far was never to trust anyone. A man must put all of his faith in himself. His opponent may be stronger, smarter, or more powerful - but every man has a weakness that can be exploited. That simple fact has allowed Aubrey to rise to a position of respectable power.

Now the very man who taught him those lessons - his uncle, Thomas de Beauville - threatens to come between Aubrey and his goal. Both seek to better themselves and gain wealth and land in England. That in itself is not a problem. Thomas would make a formidable ally. Bold and determined, he is accustomed to getting exactly what he wants. Unfortunately, the most promising path to power is marriage to Melisende of Roussillon - a prize that the two men cannot divvy between them. Thus each must seek to overcome the other in the struggle. fortunately, Aubrey knows his uncle's weakness - loyalty to King Henry, something that matters not at all now that he is gone.

With the promise of a sizable dowry, as well as several valuable manors in England provided by her foster-father - Stephen of Blois - Melisende is a bride to be sought after. Aubrey is well aware that the Countess of Boulogne means to use her to secure the loyalty of the man who weds Melisende to the fortunes of her husband. Willing to forget the vow he made to Henry to support the king's daughter, he feels free to make such a promise to Stephen if it will help him achieve his own goals. Once he has the girl and her possessions, he will always be free to reconsider his allegiance.

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